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693791Alex V28 ноября 2013 в 21:52

Перчатки Arc'teryx Veilance Facet Glove (L)

Искал именно их 2 месяца, ждал еще полтора по почте, но L оказался все же великоват (у меня М). Абсолютно новые, надевал один раз проверить размер. 

Что пишет про них firmament -

 The Facet Glove is a windproof, lightweight glove made from 0.9mm Lezanova Leather for an element of luxury as well as a resilient but supple and snug feel that becomes more comfortable with each repeat wear. A slim cuff with Velcro fastening ensures a perfect fit. Seamless finger tips ensure the dexterity that day-to-day actions require remain unrestricted, but the simple looks stealthily put cold weather performance into an everyday context.   

Details: - windproof
- highly breathable
- lightly insulated
- highly durable
- seam-free fingertips improve dexterity
- articulated patterning for unrestricted mobility
- adjustable slim-fit cuff with Velcro® closure



6500 рублей

+7 (926) 582-20-60, Москва

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